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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Domestic CEO

I am a mom to three kids:  Computer Boy, Silly Boy (7 year old twins), and the Little Girl (5 years old).  Computer Boy is learning to live with Aspergers, a high functioning form of Autism, Silly Boy is learning to live with ADD, and the Little Girl is learning that she can’t get everything she wants simply by crying or acting cute.

I am a preschool teacher from 9-1, a Hebrew teacher on Monday nights, and a Kindergarten Religious School teacher on Sundays.  Before I had kids I taught second grade in a local public school.

I am a wife to my DH (usually that stands for “Dear Husband” though every once in a while the “D” means something else).  We met in high school when we were cast as romantic opposites in a play and were just friends for a number of years.  After about three years our feelings towards each other became a little more romantic (wink, wink) and we became a couple.  We have been married for almost fifteen years.

I am the CEO of this house and work really hard to keep it running smoothly.

And I do all this while dealing with Major Clinical Depression and Narcolepsy.



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